Vowel Sounds


Kelly Egan is a poet and writer living on the western tip of north america. She has an MFA in Poetry from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. She likes to think about outer space and visit small towns.


As of September 2019, I am the featured writer in Volume 13 of Left Margin Lit’s Writers on Writing column.

On October 21st, 2018 I will be giving a poetry talk as part of the Poetic Voices series at the Dream Institute of Northern CA.

My collection, Natatorium, was recently named a finalist for the Midwest Chapbook Contest!



edge fetish on a diving board, outer dome, White Stag, forthcoming

how a crystal works, Luna Luna, forthcoming

flyer, RHINO, April 2020

the noon, 4 poems at the onset of a year,  BlazeVOX, November 2019

penumbra of an intangible holiday, still life with vacation, Taraval, given jewelry and a fictional name, where is the river, September 2019

to my mirror; escape is a place farther north; at altitude, The Laurel Review, April 2019

specificity’s a juicy glitch: dawn redwood, Denver Quarterly, June 2018

in the dream you have babies now, The Laurel Review, May 2018

all of samsara and one old-growth forest; narrative ideogram; day six, White Stag, October 2017

ballot initiative, Colorado Review, Summer 2017

Rollercoaster, Bronze Chimes, a collection of poems after Alfred Starr Hamilton, edited by Cedar Sigo, Fall 2015

Diaspora, Poets.Org, Fall 2015

Interstices, Poiesis Review, 2015

Utah, Spry, August 2014

Free, (Audio Poem) In Stereo Press, June 2013

Soliloquy, Eunoia Review, January 2013

Jungle Song, (Audio Poem) Paradigm 14, May 2010

Purge, SynergyZine 6, April 2010

En la Selva, Amazon Conservation Association (website), 2009


Left Margin Lit, Writers on Writing


Essays & Reviews

Romina Freschi’s Echo of the Park, Latin American Literature Today

Elaine Kahn’s Women in Public, Omniverse

Suzanne Buffam’s A Pillow Book, Omniverse

Ayahuasca’s Influence on Great Writers, Literary Traveler

Full creative resume available upon request

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