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Quiet Lightning Reading Series

Quiet Lightning Reading

It’s Litquake in San Francisco! Come see me read at the Conservatory of Flowers for the 50th anniversary of the Quiet Lightning reading series! This Monday, October 14th. Show at 7:30, doors at 6:45.

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The Poem Is A Score

Hooray for audio poems! My audio poem “Free” has just been published in the current issue of In Stereo Press. You can find it here:

Before landing in its final digs as an audio file, this poem went through several iterations, including a performance in which I choreographed movement to go along with the words. Something about this poem was always shouting to be wrung through the mechanisms of a different form. Sometimes, you’ve got to pass the potato from one medium to the next. Getting on Garage Band and turning the poem into an audio piece was FUN. I realized how the words on the page can serve as a scaffolding for a performance that brings them to more life. In Stereo has published the written piece along with the audio, so you can see just what happened to the poem when I put the voice and some digital editing to the task. As I see it now, the written poem was just the score, while the audio is the thing itself.

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My poem Soliloquy is being featured with Eunoia Review just for today, January 29th, 2013. Check it out!

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